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24pc 3D Puff Paint Classic Colours

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All Playmags pieces meet or exceed performance safety specifications established by leading organizations in safety. Unique Design: Each block features a unique Union Jack shape at the center to give it super strength – and a cool look. Learn early math concepts with Playmags Playhouse! They will teach you fractions, number graphing, building patterns shape puzzles and simple addition sentences. The versatile Playmags engage children in creative play and help them learn and practice a variety of skills and concepts such as and not limited to like Magnetic Principles, Force & Motion, Electricity, Nature Exploration. There’s no limit to the way kids, parents, and teachers can use Playmags Playhouse set. Playmags playhouse sets attract on all sides and in all combinations, helping children move from two-dimensional to three-dimensional creations. Try these fun alternatives to floor play: Vertical play on garage doors, magnet boards, metal baking sheets, and refrigerators, outdoor play or near a window, play with other figurines. The product type is Playmags Playhouse Magnetic 48Piece Set, The Original, Award-Winning Magnetic Building, Creativity & Educational, Stem Approved, Solid & Clear Colors. Manufactured in China. Manufactured by Playmags. Includes the following: 4 windows 3 doors 17 tiles 10 roof tiles 2 ceiling tiles 4 roof sheets 2 staircases 2 support pole sets (6 pcs) Contains no small parts. Not intended for children under 3 years.

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Product Description

  • WHAT YOU GET: With every set of Puff Paint you purchase, you get 24 bottles with different color paint in each, giving you a variety of colors to create from and letting you expand your imagination to an endless amount of fun! You can draw this paint on different materials for an everlasting creation or just draw it on paper for occupation.
  • SAFE AND WASHABLE: The paint is made from a non-toxic material making this paint be a kid friendly, kids safe paint and letting you have your children be on their own without supervision and trusting our safe brand to come off all the clothes that it dirties. If the hands get dirty, just wash them with water and watch it slide off your hands.
  • VIBRANT COLORS: The colors we have chosen to give you are from the most beautiful from our variety. You can use these paints for brush painting, finger painting, sponge painting, fabric painting or even creating the most beautiful professional painting! Throw a paint party by bringing out this pack of paint and let the hours of fun begin!
  • GREAT GIFT: Gifts area always appreciated, Buying this item for a gift, you will never go wrong. This puff paint set is a kid friendly one, that will give hours of fun and or relaxing entertainment. You can have a paint party by spreading out a plastic on the floor and letting the fun begin or you can have everybody seated with a canvas to create individual masterpieces. Use it at birthday parties, Holiday parties or any getaway.