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Art Set Coloured Pencils

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Moore: Premium Art Colour Pencils Set of 48 pcs Pr-Sharpened Vibrant Colours set is perfect for colouring with your favorite adult & kids Colouring books, or for your totally unique artistic creations.

They can be used as normal artist colouring pencils, or you can take your artwork to the next level with the included paint brush as you add even more vibrant colours and layering to your colouring pages when applying a little water.

Love colouring & drawing in those pages together ?

Use our Moore Art set to create hours of happy memories that last a lifetime. You will be so glad you did! This set has a large array of beautiful vivid colours to magically transform everybody’s drawings. Remember a family that plays together stays together!

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Product Description

  • THE ULTIMATE SET OF COLORING PENCILS: This set includes a wide variety of 48 different colouring pencils, in a super convenient roll up washable black canvas case to keep it nicely stored
  • COLORING PENCILS FOR ADULTS & KIDS: The supreme quality and the great variety of colours that this pencil set offers, make it a must-have for any professional artist!
  • ADDITIONAL PREMIUM ACCESSORIES: A high quality KUM alloy metal pencil sharpener (made in Germany) one quality firm paint brush (for blending & activating the watercolour effect in your artwork)
  • SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR LOVED ONES: colouring & drawing in those pages together. Use our Art set to create hours of happy memories that last a lifetime.
  • TAKE YOUR ARTWORK TO THE NEXT LEVEL: TAKE YOUR ARTWORK TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Blend, burnish, shade and layer your pictures easily with our premium coloured pencils made with the highest quality supplies