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Modeling Clay 260gr 12 Reg Colors 12 Neon Colors 4 Tools in Lunch Box

About this item

Playkidiz Art Modelling Clay: Bring your child’s imagination to life. Each box includes 12 regular colors of molding clay 12 neon colors of molding clay 12 moulding tools 4 knife per pack 1 rolling pin 1 strong reusable box for storage and guaranteed hours of fun.

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Product description

  • SOFT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Easy to manipulate clay is soft to the touch and great for playtime, it leaves no mess so it’s perfect to play anywhere in the house.
  • EDUCATIONAL FUN: Modeling clay has been proven to show the children’s creative side, watch them create things from their imagination in endless hours of fun!
  • BRIGHT COLORS: 12 bright regular colors and 12 pigmented neon colors, this kit is sure to wow you with the quality and quantity, with over 16 accessories for play!
  • NEVER DRIES: The clay is easy to shape, bend and stretch. It also never hardens leaving it fresh from simples shapes the next amazing figure your kid will create!
  • SAFE & NON-TOXIC: modeling clay strictly complies with the appropriate testing for children of ages 3 or above. All of these products are also 100% recyclable.