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Play Money GBP

About this item

Playkidz Money is an ultra-realistic set feature of pounds money that encourages realistic play and authentic learning. Kids can enhance their counting abilities. The life-long benefits of teaching children Good money habits make it well worth the effort. Children who are not taught these lessons pay the consequences for a lifetime.

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Product description

  • The whole set of paper money is good for teaching students to learn money identification, counting, and making a change:
  • Use it as favors at a birthday party or let the kids tuck it into their wallets and purses
  • Playkidz Money Gift Includes six denominations: Fives, Tens, Twenties, Fifties, and Hundreds, that look like Real Money
  • Each bill comes printed on both sides for a practical look.
  • Money Bag comes packaged in a classic drawstring bag for easy storage