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Playkidiz Light And Sound Ball Spinner

About this item

Playkidiz Ball Spinner Our light and sound ball spinner features 3 melodies and sound effects for a full sensory experience, not to mention we’ve also implemented lights for double the entertainment. This simple toy is great for a toddler as it doesn’t require too much effort, and that big button is easy enough to press plus it’s super tempting.

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Product description

  • ROUND AND ROUND: Watch kids’ eyes fill with wonder while tracking the 3 colorful balls as they spin around without pattern, the giant button is easy to press and extremely fun for a growing toddler.
  • SOUNDS AND LIGHTS: We all know kids love to bring the noise! Silly sound effects and melodies plus colorful lights bring a fun sensory experience as the balls cycle through this toddler and a baby toy.
  • PUSH THE BUTTON: You know you want to! (even you, the adult) Big, easy push button activation means that little hands can practice their motor skills and try to get the fun rollin’ all by themselves.
  • LEARNING AND PLAYING: In the process of playing, the infant toys for 9m+ doesn’t only bring joy, but also help kids to improve their gross motor development, fine motor skills, and cognitive ability.
  • GREAT GIFT: Looking for a 1st birthday toy or holiday gift for babies and toddlers? Aren’t you glad this popped up! Keep little ones busy with poppity poppin’ fun again and again, for ages 9m+