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Playkidz Baby Doll Twins

Twinzy Dolls for Toddlers – Dolls You Can Feed – Set of Boy and Girl Babies for Children Age 3+

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Promote early development skills with Twinzy Dolls

This set of cute twin dolls are soft and cuddly, their blue and pink outfits are made of cotton and can be removed for changing and cleaning purposes.

Playing with dolls helps children to solidify social skills that are gained in a child’s early developmental years. When children play with dolls, they learn to communicate with one another kindly, cooperate and help them to understand routines in what they are involved in such as sleeping, eating, bathing, and playing time. By taking care of a doll, they also learn nurturing skills and acquire the responsibility to look after their belongings.

Dolls outfit: blue and pink cotton onesies
The dolls are made of materials safe for kids, free of BPA or toxins.
Dimensions: each doll measures 12 x 9 x 3 inches

The Twinzy Dolls make a great gift for toddlers from 1 years old and up. The best option for the first doll of children!


  • TWIN DOLLS: Twinzy Dolls are a set of two adorable dolls that come dressed in soft clothes in blue and pink. The dolls feature blue eyes that stay open and each doll measures 12 x 9 x 3 inches.
  • PRETEND PLAY: playing with dolls promotes the early development of emotional and social skills and imagination of children. Pretend to play with dolls will help kids enhance their nurturing skills.
  • SOFT BODIES: the baby doll twins have soft bodies, ideal for cuddling. Toddlers will act out steps of a familiar routinefeeding, rocking, and putting the dolls to sleep. The dolls have realistic and cute details and a feeding bottle can fit their mouths
  • SAFE FOR KIDS: the twin baby dolls are made using non-toxic materials, free from BPA. Easy to keep clean, the dolls are ready to stand the test of time.
  • GREAT GIFT: this set of dolls makes a great gift for children from 1 year old! This toy is a great first doll for a toddler, and makes a perfect option for twin babies! Perfect for girls and boys.