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Sensory Ball

About this item

Encourages sensory and dexterity development

Perfect for developing baby’s tactile senses and motor skills

Sensory ball improves hand-eye coordination & improves socialization skills

Soft ball in bright red color

Round shape dot ball for kids

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Product Description

Playtime is one of the most fundamental parts of childhood development. Children play in a variety of ways with a number of different toys. The Original Sensory Ball, made with the same high quality features that made it the gold standard. Every child will enjoy soft ball for fun and therapy Sensory balls are effective in massage stimulation. Softly rolling the textured balls on a child’s back or feet heightens sensory awareness. explore, discover, visualize, and verbalize and develop fine and gross motor skills along with hand eye coordination and socialization. There are lot of activities that kids can do using a playkidz ball like dribbling, rolling, throwing and kicking. Additional Features: hour of fun for kids learning way for kids This elegant, classy design by playkidz