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Tower Bridge Model Kit Puzzle

Puzelworx 3D Puzzles for Adult and Kids, Model Kit Puzzle, Model Building Kits 3D Foam Puzzle, STEM Projects for Kids, Great Gift, DIY Project for Kids (Tower Bridge)

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Design, Engineer, Learn!

Combining fun and education for an all-time Model Kit favorite.

Make play time more dynamic with this fun and education 3D model project. Discover different famous attractions in our amazing world. Broaden your horizon and read up on the models you are building so you get that special connection and understanding about your project. Foam composition and clear instruction manual suits the beginner and advanced modeler. Purchase as an any time gift or city souvenir.


  • Sturdy foam backing technology
  • No glue required
  • Easy to assemble
  • Vivid design
  • Intricate details

You deserve your downtime! Building this immersive model kit is a great way to relieve anxiety and reduce stress. So, choose your building fun, soft background music, and your all set!

Important: Do not punch out any puzzle pieces before reading the instructions.

Completed Dimensions: L 32.5 x W 7.5 x H 11 cm; 41 piece set


  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: This 3D puzzle features breathtaking and true to life design. Intricate details make your model kit all the more real. Colors, moldings, and details are designed just like the real thing. Make playtime more dynamic, bringing your imagination to life together with your three-dimensional creation!
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Get right to work with minimal prep. This model kit project requires no glue or scissors, so your project stays neat and clean. Includes easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for frustration free assembly.
  • DESIGN & DISPLAY: Proudly display your project as a striking centerpiece for your home. Or keep it as a desk top decoration in your bedroom. Choose the model that sparks your interest most or collect and build them all!
  • STRONGER MATERIALS: Puzelworx 3D puzzles has brought a twist to the classic wooden and metal building projects. Puzelworx 3D model kit pieces are composed of sturdy foam technology. Easily bend and shape your pieces without any poking or scratched fingernails. Our 3D foam puzzles are sturdy, and tabs stay locked in place once completed.
  • GREAT GIFT: Gifting opportunities are everywhere, birthday parties, Christmas gifts, or hard work award. All ages and stages will appreciate this puzzle. Work together as a family to build your project and enjoy the bonding experience it provides.