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Toy Cash Register

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The ultimate cash register toy for girls and boys we’ve included everything they’ll need to pretend like they run a shopping or grocery store, including a scanner, conveyor belt, basket, food, and more

Each learning cash register comes with play fake money and calculator style buttons on top that teach them how to add and subtract basic numbers. This makes it great for young toddlers or preschool students.

Boys and girls will be able to move different parts all over our play register, go shopping themselves and pretend to check out, or be the cashier; all to create a more engaging, interactive experience.

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Product description

“Inspire Imaginative Play and Early Learning with an Interactive Toy Cash Register by Playkidiz There’s nothing kids love more than pretending to run their own store, buying and selling foods, toys, and other items like they’re a real shopper or cashier. That’s why we created this Playkidiz Toy Cash Register Set that comes with everything they’ll need to buy, sell, and pretend like never before. Complete with sounds, moving pieces, and even play money, we’ve created a cash register that’s engaging, great for teaching, and promote math and STEM skills. Product Details: Interactive Toy Cash Register Features Classic Sounds Barcode Scanner and Conveyor Belt, Weight Scale, Food Boxes and Plastic Fruits, Cashier Mic, Play Money. Home and Travel Play The smart, portable design makes it simple for you to set this up in a bedroom, on the kitchen counter, or in a preschool setting so kids can start learning and play almost anywhere. Easy Interactive Buttons Kids will love pushing all the small buttons that feature calculator numbers to help them add up the price of all the products, foods, and fruits they sell. It also features a microphone button so they can call in orders or for support from other cashiers. Small Shopping Basket We’ve also included a super cute shopping cart basket that lets shoppers store their goods inside before they check out, making it feel like a more lifelike grocery shopping experience. They can even carry it around until they’re ready to check out! Colorful Play Money Kids will be able to learn basic math through counting and how money works for buying and selling goods with the realistic toy money included in every set Great for siblings. Plastic Foods Included We’ve added both food boxes and plastic fruits to our play cash register for kids to give them something to buy and sell in their very own pretend grocery”