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Tractors Set

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Constructive fun little toys, for toddlers on up

Why do children love trucks so much? Lots of reasons! They do interesting things. They’re big. They’re impressive. They make funny noises. Now your little one can dig and dump and load and make roads and pretend they’re in the big rigs!

Made for kids with their parents in mind

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Product description

  • BUILD CONSTRUCTIVE PLAY: with construction toys. Scoop, turn, push, pull and dig! 4 mini toy construction trucks come ready to help build your child’s imagination along with their pretend roads. In the sandbox or on the carpet, these are safe for both
  • ON THE BEACH OR IN THE BATH: they’re fun beach toys for kids, indoors and out. Go ahead, play anywhere. Lift, load, haul, and spill sand or seafoam without worry. The durable plastic bodies wont rust or corrode, and theyre easily washed off
  • EASY TO USE, HARD TO LOSE: bright safety yellow not only is the same as the big boys real thing but helps kids — and their parents! — find them easily in a bag, chest or on the playground. They wont break when tumbled around in storage. Fewer tears, more cheer
  • SIMPLE IS BEST: when it comes to young kids. These sandbox toys for toddlers on up don’t need batteries, don’t rust and they stand up to lots of hard use. Your little one will love and enjoy these from toddlerhood through preschool, and quite possibly beyond
  • MONSTER TRUCK MINI SIZE: just right for small hands, pushing, pulling and going where they go. And no tiny parts to lose or step on in the middle of the night! Let your little one chew on it or throw it, its non-toxic and shatterproof